Szechuwan Garden

Full service, Dine in, Take out, Catering, Delivery
American-Chinese, Sichuan, Asian fusion, Japanese

Open 7 days a week


Our restaurant serves wine and beer now 

  • xs*** posted at 7/5/2023
    🌍 Hello World! 🌍
  • rossla****** posted at 12/25/2021
    Unhappy our $150 order for 7 placed Thur 12/23 via DoorDash for a 12/25 in-person pick up was "lost".  No, don't hand me the menu with your phone # and tell me next year I should call in the order after you show me you're ignoring & cancelling new incoming online orders.  Instead, do better with your online partners to prevent this, and actually fix the problem right then when I'm there to pick up an order.  NEVER going to eat at your restaurant and now telling people to avoid your business.
  • step***** posted at 12/25/2021
    What is expected delivery time for my order 520054546
  • rbsny****** posted at 8/13/2021
    Pu Pu Platter: only good items were teriyaki, sweet & sour pork. Egg rolls were empty mush. Wonton. was over fried into a chip.
    Egg Foo Young: Pancake was mush. All contents were outside in brown sauce not cooked within.
    Fried Rice: Chicken was dark sliced, not white diced.
    Over priced for this poorly made specialty.
  • clifton.******** posted at 3/6/2021
    Food was great but not spicy at all and I requested medium heat. 
  • she.***** posted at 11/18/2020
    Hello, do you offer any gluten and soy free dishes?